Latest News from the St Cleer NDP

The St Cleer Neighbourhood Development Plan was submitted to Cornwall Council on 19th February 2015. After being checked as ‘legally compliant’ by the CC legal team, it was published for a 6 weeks consultation on 8th May.

On 9th June the Parish Council voted to recall the plan for amendment following a letter from the Residents Association.

There was an option to allow the plan to proceed in the knowledge that all comments would be taken into account during the examination of the plan by a Planning Inspector., who has the ability to amend plans where they require amendment.

Further news will be posted here as we progress back towards a resubmission.

Notes of the meeting of St Cleer Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group held at the Sportsfield on Wednesday 21st August at 7.30pm can be read on the St Cleer/Meetings and Progress page