St Cleer Neighbourhood Development Plan and Maps

NDP Cover

St Cleer Neighbourhood Development Plan Submission

NDP Supplementary Cover

St Cleer NDP Supplementary Documentation

St Cleer Consultation Statement Final

Basic Conditions Statement Final

St Cleer Preferred sites and Development Boundaries

A3 St Cleer South SAC OALS

A3 St Cleer South AONB CWS SSSI

A3 St Cleer South AGHV WHS RCL

A3 St Cleer Sites Considered

The A3 maps which are shown above are the maps shown in the Plan document but correctly orientated and more easily read.



3 thoughts on “St Cleer Neighbourhood Development Plan and Maps

  1. Liskeard Town Council has considered the St Cleer Neighbourhood Plan and the following comments are submitted:

    • Thank St Cleer for the consultation which has been entered into with our Neigbourhood Plan team in an open and productive way.
    • World Heritage Site – their plan also seeks to safeguard the links between Liskeard and the Moor along the route of the old Caradon railway.
    • Housing – they have used brownfield sites where possible and contributed positively to the Community Network Area residential targets.
    • Employment – they have contributed positively to the employment target for the Community Network Area. The St Cleer Water Treatment Works site might benefit from a site specific development policy. With both the Water Treatment Works and the former Horizon Farms sites consideration should be given to extending the range of B use class activities from B2 to B1 and B8. This should be more useful to local businesses and make the development sites more commercially attractive to an investor.
    • Design and sustainability standards – well written section especially regarding renewable energy.

  2. Please can you explain what “other development sites” means? The area shaded purple, in particular area 5B

    • The other development sites are those which the plan and the steering group do not support. If you come along to the exhibition on Saturday in The Memorial Hall the site appraisals will be on view which explains why we do not think this is a suitable site for future housing. This was also explained in the consultation last November.
      Hope to see you on Saturday

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